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Who Is Philippe “SHOCK” Matthews?

 Known as the SHOCKcoach™; Philippe Matthews is an Internet Marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SMM (Social Media Marketing) expert who has been featured on CNN.

He is the President of MyInternetMarketingExpert.net and Founder/Spiritual Director of the SHOCKphilosophy Institute of Manifestation; which teaches individuals how to succeed beyond failure and disappointment to create a new reality of wealth, success and achievement!

Philippe is also the Host of The Philippe Matthews Show, which has featured such notable guests as experts from the movie, What the Bleep Do We Know; wealth building experts, Suze Orman, Robert Kiyosaki, Robert Allen, Academy Award Winner, Jamie Foxx and countless more.

“The Shock Wealth System™ by Philippe Matthews is electrifying with concepts, philosophies and tools to change your financial life forever! This is the book that makes the other wealth building books make sense.” Heidi Krupp (Publicist and Founder of Krupp Kommunications)

You have a unique opportunity to work with Philippe “SHOCK” Matthews because not only is he successful in all three systems of wealth, his work has been endorsed by some of the most powerful leaders and experts in the world!

On How to Make Millions When Thousands Have Been Laid Off Featuring Stedman Graham


“Part of leadership is overcoming your fear of failure. How To Make Millions When Thousands Have Been Laid Off will help you face potential setbacks with proactive strategies where failure is no longer an option in your life.”
— Stedman Graham (Chairman/CEO of S. Graham & Associates)

“After reading the 7 self-made millionaires in Philippe’s book, you will get up off of your if’s, your and’s and your butts and realize that you can make millions regardless of current financial situation.”
Robert G. Allen (Author of the New York Times bestsellers: Nothing Down, Creating Wealth, Multiple Streams of Income and Multiple Streams of Internet Income)

“Millions are available to you and Philippe makes the path to wealth effortless.”
Mark Victor Hansen (Co-creator, #1 New York Times best-selling series Chicken Soup for the Soul®)

“This powerful, practical book will give you ideas and insights you can use immediately to begin moving rapidly toward financial independence.”
Brian Tracy (Author of The 100 Absolutely Unbreakable Laws of Business Success)

“Philippe, your latest book “How To Make Millions When Thousands Are Being Laid Off” is so timely, and so necessary. Unfortunately school doesn’t teach people how to earn money. And money plays such an important role in our life. Your book will help the reader understand that anyone can become wealthy by developing and using the faculties God gave us.”
Bob Proctor (Author, You Were BORN RICH)

“Philippe, I love your book…it’s so motivational. So inspiring. And it’s a really quick read. I absolutely know it will change millions of lives by motivating readers beyond their comfort zone and into the wealth-building zone!”
Barbara Stanny (Author of Prince Charming Isn’t Coming, The Secrets of Six Figure Women)

On the SHOCKwealth System


“When you manage money wisely you receive more money to manage and when you learn to fill your piggy bank you earn to will your ‘biggy’ bank. The Shock Wealth System by Philippe Mathews holds the keys to learning and earning your long sought, lasting wealth.”
Dr. John F. Demartini (Star of The Secret | Author, How to Make One Hell of a Profit and Still Get to Heaven)

“The shocking truth is that wealth begins within and Philippe Matthews demonstrates how to bring it out in The Shock Wealth System™!”
Robert G. Allen (Author of the New York Times bestsellers: Nothing Down, Creating Wealth, Multiple Streams of Income and Multiple Streams of Internet Income)

“Clear the decks and prepare to move full speed ahead in your life! Philippe Matthews’ Book “The Shock Wealth System” will give you a nuclear propulsion system that allows you to successfully sail through all obstacles and achieve your dreams.”
CAPT Gail Harris, USN (Ret)

 “Philippe is a dynamic and engaging speaker who moved the minds of the people in Bermuda. His system opens your mind to its innate spiritual truth, that wealth and abundance is of God. We were truly Shocked and enlightened by the insights Philippe brought to us.”
Eugenia Dean (President | Unity Bermuda)

“Philippe Matthews has really hit the mark with Shock Wealth! It is truly a must read for those who yearn to achieve their financial goals. The discussion on ‘The Power of Expectation,’ for example, clearly demonstrates the power of thoughts to influence one’s financial destiny. That’s why I enthusiastically recommend Shock Wealth to those who want to develop and maintain a Wealth Mentality.”
Sherrin Ross Ingram (Head of the International Center for Strategic Planning and Author of Wealth Mentality: Program Yourself to Get and Keep the Wealth You Want)

“The Shock Wealth System™ by Philippe Matthews is a must read for anyone wanting to achieve true success, wealth and happiness or have reached a plateau in life and can’t break free.”
Terrie Williams (President, The Stay Strong Foundation; Vice Chair, Players Govern Players Communications; President, The Terrie Williams Agency; Author, A Plentiful Harvest, Stay Strong: Simple Life Lessons for Teens, The Personal Touch: What You Really Need to Succeed in Today’s Fast-paced Business World)

“Finally, Philippe Matthews has written a wealth building mindset book that makes all the other practical wealth building books work. The Shock Wealth System™ unlocks the roadblocks in people’s minds that keep them from creating wealth in their lives. Kudos Philippe!”
Barbara Stanny (Author of Secrets of Six-Figure Women: Surprising Strategies to Up Your Earnings and Change Your Life, and Prince Charming Isn’t Coming: How Women Get Smart About Money)

Watch the Philippe Matthews Show
and Watch Your Income Grow!



This is an actual TV interview that I personally conducted with Robert as he will share the most candid, shocking secrets to developing a mindset that guarantees success and wealth. You will also have access to ALL of my life-enhancing TV and audio interviews through your enrollment of the SHOCKwealth System Financial Destiny University Program.

Call me directly for your pre-enrollment interview: (516) 986-1016.


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